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It is important to note that a British Virgin Islands company is not required to file statutory financial statements (with the exception of certain regulated companies). All that is required is to keep records that are «sufficient to show and explain the Company`s transactions» and that «allow at all times to determine the Financial Situation of the Company with reasonable accuracy»2. It is not necessary for financial accounts or records to be independently audited. The final beneficial owner of a British Virgin Islands company is not publicly available. However, registered agents must keep the following information about the beneficial owner of a company: Ordinary companies may choose to submit one of the mentioned registers to the Registrar of the British Virgin Islands and, in this case, they must submit the registers annually. This application may be made by formal notification to the British Virgin Islands Registration Office. The list of directors of a British Virgin Islands company is generally not available to the public, even if the company has submitted a register of directors. The reason for this is that most of the deposits in the register of administrators are private. The Company has no obligation to submit this document as a public. Most of the requested copies of this filing only show that the corporation has filed a register of directors and not the names of the persons as intended. In 2016, the British Virgin Islands Commercial Companies Act was amended to introduce a requirement for all British Virgin Islands companies to file a copy of their register of directors with the Registrar of the British Virgin Islands to include more identifying information for each director. This information is not publicly available unless the company chooses to approve it.

We can provide business research reports on companies registered in the British Virgin Islands. Please fill out our order form so that we can help you with the company search and requirements for company documents. The BVI Company Research Report will be emailed to you in PDF format. Information about companies founded in the British Virgin Islands can be obtained from the British Virgin Islands Commercial Register. General information on registration number, registered office, date of incorporation, status and authorized capital, etc. is available. There is a small fee for each search and different payment methods are at your disposal. Financial records and other corporate records may be kept in writing or in whole or in part in electronic form in accordance with the requirements of the British Virgin Islands Electronic Transactions Act 20018. The confidentiality of company documents and information is one of the main attractions of starting a business in the British Virgin Islands. A business search by the Registrar of Corporate Affairs of the British Virgin Islands will only reveal certain information and documents. The content of a BVI corporate research report includes: This content is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered or considered as legal advice. To start your research on a British Virgin Islands company, enter the company name and click Start Search here Welcome to Companysearch.VG, your go-to provider for British Virgin Islands business searches by information experts.

BVI company numbers are numeric without letters or other characters. The current British Virgin Islands Commercial Companies Act 2004 (No. 16) was published in the British Virgin Islands Gazette on 29 December 2004 and entered into force on 1 January 2005. On January 1, 2009, companies established under the former Companies Act were re-registered under the current Act and their business numbers were changed by 700,000. The following is an example of a document in the registry. Note the Search Date field, which reflects the accuracy and timeliness of the search (the company`s status is updated daily) It is legally mandatory for IBC companies to submit the register of directors upon incorporation and update it annually. The register of directors will only be included in the British Virgin Islands search report if the company has not decided to keep it private. Documents submitted by a British Virgin Islands company to the Corporate Affairs Register may be notarized by a British Virgin Islands notary. This also applies to documents extracted from the register, such as. B, power of attorney certificates and business search. Foreign countries may require that documents be notarized and/or legalized if the foreign country is a member of the Hague Convention. The British Virgin Islands is also a member of the said Convention, so it is possible to apostille documents bearing an official signature of the British Virgin Islands.

If the document does not have an official signature, it must first be notarized. Contact us if you need these services. Step 2: Submit the completed application forms with payment to the receiving agent. A corporation maintains a list of shareholders containing the names and addresses of the shareholders and the number and class of shares held. The additional information includes the date on which each shareholder was registered and the date on which the shareholder was terminated (if applicable). Persons who are no longer members of a company may be removed from the register in accordance with Article 41(4). A corporation must keep sufficient records to identify and explain its activities; and will at all times determine the Company`s financial position with reasonable accuracy. A company that violates this section commits a crime and will be fined $10,000 if convicted. Therefore, financial statements are not available to a British Virgin Islands company because the company does not have to file them or even keep them at its registered office. A company must also keep other documents, including: A company is required to file its articles and articles and any amendments to these documents.

In practice, while a corporation`s registered representative is responsible for record keeping, the registered representative often relies on directors to keep records up-to-date and accurate. We specialize in urgent searches within 24 hours. The delivery time depends on the opening hours of the Corporate Business Register, which are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am.m to 4:30 pm.m. You can always request the search and we will contact you in case there are several options. If you know the company number, the search can be done more precisely. This also applies if you only know the business number We are able to search for any business registered in the British Virgin Islands. We contact the Corporate Affairs Registry of the British Virgin Islands and receive the latest information about the target company, which shows the current position and status of the company. The slight increase in start-ups in Q3 2020 offers hope New start-ups climbed 32% to 6,254 in the third quarter of 2020 after a drop in numbers for three consecutive quarters A BVI business search is a document published by the British Virgin Islands Corporate Business Register (also known as ROCA) in paper or electronic form.

We also include copies of all public documents that the company has submitted to the Registrar The table below summarizes the mandatory documents that must be submitted to the Registrar of Corporate Affairs of the British Virgin Islands, or the documents issued that are generally available in a business search: Although the information available from a public company search is limited to a list of submissions, which may also be requested, and no public information about directors or shareholders, persons or companies with a legitimate interest (e.g. B, victims of fraud or creditors) cannot effectively have access to full details about the company. This is possible because key information actually exists and is properly recorded and stored. The privacy rules of the British Virgin Islands are based on the principles of English common law, but the fact that information on property is not available for public inspection is not uncommon in areas of civil law. We have been providing corporate reports worldwide since 2007. We have successfully delivered corporate reports to over 18,000 customers. This domain name was registered on November 6, 2017 to focus on our BVI corporate information services. As in the Cayman Islands, publicly available documents for a British Virgin Islands company (BVI BC) are different from those found in the United States, but additional information can be obtained from the representative of a company registered in the British Virgin Islands with the consent of its client or by court order.

British Virgin Islands companies must now register directors with British Virgin Islands registration, but they can choose to keep it private. If it is submitted and not kept private, it will be included in the BVI company research report we provide. In general, the amount of information available to a British Virgin Islands company is limited. Privacy is one of the most interesting features of the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands and almost all companies registered here are looking for it. The articles of association are always available to all companies, as it is mandatory for them to submit these documents with any amendments. Another document available to all corporations is the «Application for Incorporation» (PO if the corporation was incorporated under the 2004 Act, or IBC if it was previously incorporated) Unless the directors prevent it, shareholders have the right to view the articles, the register of directors, the register of members and the minutes of the meeting. However, the managers may defend themselves against this if they are convinced that this would be against the interests of the company in accordance with § 100 (3). In fact, it`s actually faster than searching for company names, as there are sometimes very similar names. .